Federal government plans sweeping changes for small-medium business corporations

The Ministry of Finance of the Government of Canada has announced plans to make sweeping changes to how small business corporations are accorded tax fairness.  Their position is that most small and medium business corporations are tax dodges created to avoid paying taxes on business income and that the average Canadian does not have these tax advantages.  That is not true.

The reality is that most small to medium business corporations were granted these tax code items over the past 50 years after careful study and follow up of economic effect.  The current tax laws recognize that small to medium business owners do not have Employment Insurance, maternity/paternity leave, paid sick days, limits on hours of work, are personally liable if the business fails, and need to save money for inevitable economic slow downs in order to remain in business employing people and contributing to the Canadian economy. The existing tax law recognizes that family members have to contribute to the business, usually unpaid. What farm kid didn't spend their summer working on the famiy farm instead of hanging out at the suburban mall?

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My interview on Black Ottawa Scene

I was recently interviewed for an article published on Black Ottawa Scene where I spoke about emigrating to Canada and my experience as a black woman in Canada.  I speak about my education and career and I hope that this will inspire other black women to strive for success.  Please read the interview here.