Marlene L. Grant Professional Corporation

Chartered Professional Accountant, Certified General Accountant

Appropriate use and disclosure of personal information is an important concern to us.  We take very seriously our responsibility in handling confidential client information including personal information. We have developed privacy policies to ensure that all client information is used only as required by the Personal Information and

Our privacy policy is summarized as follows:

  • Personal information will only be collected, used and disclosed for the intended purpose of the completion of the services that you have requested.
  • We will only collect the information that we require for the completion of the services and we will obtain consent for the collection of any other information.
  • We will ensure the information will be as accurate, complete, and up to date as is necessary for the completion of the services.
  • Personal information, in both paper and electronic format, will be protected from unauthorized access
    • Clients may contact us at any time to enquire as to the details of their personal information on file with us in order to ensure that it is up to date and have it amended as necessary.

  • We utilize for sending documents and files electronically and securely.

Should you have any questions or concerns on a privacy issue please contact us.

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